100 goodies for pocket letters

Hello, creative stars!

Today’s craft post is going to be about pocket letters. What are pocket letters? Pocket letters are fun creative ways to deliver letters.

Quick pocket letter 411
A pocket letter aka (P.L.) is a 9 pocket sheet protector (the plastic sheet to save baseball cards)

You fill up each pocket with any kind of goodies (that fits in the pocket) and decorate the sheet with pretty scrapbook paper. Then you put a letter in one of the pockets, this can be a great gift for someone special, or for yourself. I’ll provide more ideas of what you can do with pocket letters through the week.

It will look something like this (see pic below). I created this pocket letter for a pal.


The idea of a pocket letter came from Jeanette lane and you can find out more details on her site.

Now, back to the 100 goodies that you can put in a pocket letter.

A lot of people and some of my friends, would tell me that the limitation of the pockets would overwhelm them with the question, what can I put in that small pocket?

For that reason, I created this post with a list of 100 goodies that you could use for your pocket letter. (see below )

  1. Tabs
  2. Stickers
  3. Tags
  4. Bandages
  5. Paperclips
  6. Die cuts
  7. Fun questions
  9. Embellishments
  10. Washi tape sample
  11. Washi tape thin rolls
  12. Scraps
  13. Kind words
  14. Card stocks
  15. Gift cards
  16. Earrings
  17. Necklace
  18. Rings
  19. Bracelets
  20. Tea bags
  21. Gum
  22. Hard candy
  23. Coloring pages
  24. Journal layouts
  25. Small toys
  26. Poker chips
  27. Money
  28. Rose pedals
  29. Mini booklets
  30. Mini cards
  31. Balloons
  32. Birthday bags
  33. Candle sticks
  34. Fav song lyrics
  35. Fav recipes
  36. Vintage stickers
  37. Sticky notes
  38. Magazine pages
  39. Mini stamps
  40. Stationery
  41. Games(word search)
  42. Coupons
  43. Labels
  44. Wood craft (small)
  45. Keys
  46. Ribbons
  47. Feathers
  48. Sticker letters
  49. Buttons
  50. Clothes Pins
  51. Rubber bands
  52. Push pins
  53. Bobbins
  54. Scrunches
  55. Baseball cards
  56. Pokemon cards
  57. Beads
  58. Strings
  59. Pencil sharpener
  60. Staples
  61. Little pencils
  62. Little pens
  63. Glitter (careful)
  64. Silly bands
  65. Business cards
  66. Erasers
  67. Ink pads
  68. Pocket notebook
  69. Pocket folders
  70. Monthly calendars
  71. To do lists
  72. Ring binders
  73. Mini bookmarks
  74. USB memory sticks
  75. Disinfectant wipes
  76. Make-up samples
  77. Perfume samples
  78. Correction tape
  79. Refrigerator magnets
  80. Hair clips
  81. Masking stickers
  82. Washi lace stickers
  83. Craft album cutter
  84. Charm pendants
  85. Binder clips
  86. Game cards
  87. Key chains
  88. Stamps
  89. Pictures
  90. Bottle caps
  91. Small zip bags
  92. Hooks
  93. Mood desk chart
  94. Google eyes
  95. On the go game pad
  96. Quadror blocks
  97. Caution tape
  98. Cute napkins
  99. Confetti
  100. Letters

Hope you find this list helpful when creating your pocket letter. Tomorrow I will be posting tips on how to create a pocket letter in less than an hour.



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