Make a pocket letter in an hour or less

Hey, crafty super stars!

Today, I want to share one of my tips on how to create a simple, but cute pocket letter. Since, a pocket letter could take hours to make.

For starters, please say out loud, I will not over think this, and I will trust Sacha!

Now, things that you will need

A table or flat surface (floor)

12×12 scrapbook pretty paper


A game card (like a playing card)

9 pocket sheet protector

9 goodies to put inside the pocket letter

Your letter

Without over thinking select 9 small craft goodies, If you need help look at yesterday’s post.

When you get your nine goodies, place them individually in the pocket sheet protector.  Then you will need a game card (like the deck of cards) and a 12×12 scrapbook paper.

Take the 12 × 12 paper fold it in half, and then in half again. It should look like a square see image below. (fold it so that the white side is showing)lp1

Now, place the game card, at the corner of the square paper and trace it. Do this 3 more times at each corner (see picture below) Then cut them out.lp

You should have 16 card size pieces with some scraps left. Turn each card to the design part of the paper and place two cards in each pocket to cover the goodies (total of only 8 pockets covered) see image below  lp2


In the last pocket you will place your letter, and there you have it a simple and cute pocket letter. Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun uplifting craft, to self embrace.


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