5 amazing self-acceptance quotes

Hey, creative superstar!

For today’s post, I would like to share 5 amazing self acceptance quotes with you.
First, grab a piece of paper, and some color pencils.
Second, read the 5 quotes and write down one of the quotes that connected with you on the piece of paper  using the color pencils to make it your own colorful quote.

Then, place it where you can constantly look at it throughout the day. If you get upset, sad, or happy read the quote and celebrate you and how amazing you are.

(See the quotes below)







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15 thoughts on “5 amazing self-acceptance quotes

  1. I really like the quotes you shared with us. And I like the idea to write one down to keep around for those good or bad times. Great plan!


  2. I love the idea! I always have motivational quotes on my office desk to remind me of how wonderful life is. I’d love to add more and these are perfect!


  3. Absolutely love them. These are on time as I am going through a phase of growth and transition. Thank you for the reminder.


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