4 creative ways to encourage yourself

Hey, Superstar! 

Are you having a bad day?
Do you have an important meeting ahead?
Have you been feeling defeated before bedtime?
Is your inner critic getting louder?
Are you constantly doubting yourself?

Well, if you said yes, to any of the above questions, I have some helpful tips to encourage you when life seems to be hammering you.

Tip 1
Schedule a text for yourself
If you’re having a bad day, take a break, and schedule a text for yourself. A text that will pop up on your cell phone in the evening, or early the next morning before you start your day. Make sure the text says something empowering like, YOU’RE  A SURVIVOR  and YOU’RE KICKING ASS CONSTANTLY!

Tip 2
Schedule a powerful email
Do you have a meeting or interview that’s coming up? Then schedule yourself an encouraging email with a powerful subject. For example, YOU ARE POWERFUL, YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT.

Then write something about yourself that would motivate you to do something that you’re proud of.

For instance, I completed my bachelor degree in three years with honors! I am a great person, and an outstanding artist. It is a privilege to work with me, I’m not an option, and I’m in demand. I’m that good.
Tip 3

Bright fun sticky notes
When the night comes do you find yourself feeling defeated? If so, keep some brightly colored sticky notes in fun shapes on your headboard, or around your bed somewhere with positive words

For example, get a star shaped sticky note (see image below) and write I’m a superstar! Get a lipstick shaped sticky note, and write I’m sexy and beautiful! Remember that the sticky note must have the shape of the message you are convening. The shapes of the sticky notes are very important because it helps you visualize the message.

Tip 4
If you’re feeling like your inner critic is getting louder, then listen to a voicemail left by you.

For instance, on the days that you’re feeling super excited and great about yourself, call yourself and leave yourself an awesome voice mail, and save it for the days that your inner critic is saying you’re not enough.

Leave a powerful voicemail, a voicemail that you would leave to a friend that has been having a hard time lately.


I hope these four tips will help you encourage yourself through tough times.

If you enjoyed this post, share it and let me know which of the four tips above  is your favorite by commenting below.

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14 thoughts on “4 creative ways to encourage yourself

  1. I will say these are great… It’s the self love that can bring us out of a bad day, that sad time… We don’t have to depend on anyone else for our happiness but rather take steps ourselves to make us happy.. it’s great.. I will write myself long email s.. can emails be scheduled??

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Encouragements are always welcome. That’s why I usually stick notes on my desk to remind me to keep going. These are great ideas as well!


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