Organize your crafts with empty prescription bottles

Hey, awesome Superstar!

In today’s post I want to share an idea on how to use empty prescription bottles to organize craft or office supplies. Some prescription bottles are a pretty good size and could be used to store washi tape, clips, stickers and much more.

For example, I use two different prescription size bottles to store my clips and mini washi tapes (see image below) Not only are the empty prescription bottles good to store small things, is great for travel purposes as well. I know some ladies who go to craft events and this could really come in handy.bc1

Also, remember to decorate or remove the name tag from the bottle, since it has personal information. On the other hand, leaving the bottle without decoration can help you see quickly what supplies are in the bottle (whatever, works for you) see pictures below bc3



As you can see prescription bottles are not just for medicine anymore (Laughing) you can use them to put ribbons, rubber bands and other small supplies that you may have.bc4

Hope you enjoyed today’s post. what else can we store in empty prescription bottles, comment below with your answer :} Liked this post share with craters.


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