Hey superstars! Welcome to my palace (Creative Embrace)

I’m Sacha, a creative queen, lifestyle blogger, mom, planner, snail mail lover, book worm, DIY craft addict, PR friendly and I love to have fun.

My passion is to see a mask free world, where no one has the need to be like anyone else.
For that reason, I created the blog Creative Embrace to inspire women to embrace themselves through art and crafts, DIY projects, psychology, games and more.

My Goal

I want to empower women to be the best they can be, no matter what life throws their way, through Creative Embrace.

I understand that life can be overwhelming and leave us feeling anxious with so much uncertainty ahead.

Therefore, I want to share how I regain my confidence every time life throws a blow at me.

I want my readers to know that when we get to know ourselves, we can accept and love who we are. And by loving who we are, we get to know our value from within, which allows us to stand in our greatness when the world throws bricks at us.

I’m a single mother who wakes up every day and tells herself, “You will be who you were created to be, not who the world expects you to be.” Now, I’m telling you to put on your crown be who you were created to be, and follow me. Let’s have a great time in this life; we are only here for a limited time.